A DIY Kombucha Face Toner to Clarify & Hydrate

March 19, 2018

The following is a guest post by Micaela Hoo, a California-based blogger & creative director. You can find Micaela’s blog here.

Hi everyone! I’m Micaela. I run a fashion and lifestyle blog called Oh My Drifter, as well as a natural skincare company with my mom, Drifter Organics. I live in sunny San Francisco where I love to hike, explore new neighborhoods, meet creatively like-minded people, and eat good food. I’m a huge advocate of sustainable living and self-care and I’m excited to be a Health-Ade ambassador this year!

It probably comes as no surprise since I run a natural skincare company with my mom, but I love to DIY my own skincare. There is something so mad scientist-feeling about combining together a conglomeration of ingredients and then rubbing it on your SKIN. Liberating!

Washing your face is the cornerstone of any solid natural skincare routine, but sometimes it doesn’t get the job 100% done. Face toners remove pesky bits of oil and debris still left over after face cleansing. A good toner will also work to clarify, hydrate, and restore the natural pH balance of the skin.

Many face toners use apple cider vinegar as it contains malic acid which helps remove bacteria-forming skin. Kombucha also contains malic acid, making it a natural exfoliant that can easily act as a substitute to apple cider vinegar in a face toner.

I drink kombucha all the time, but I figured why not apply it TO MY FACE? Health-Ade’s Power Greens kombucha contains wheatgrass, spirulina, and camu camu all mixed into a super detoxifying blend of green tea, black tea, and of course, SCOBY (the good bacteria that forms from fermenting tea). The carbonation of the kombucha tingled upon application which left my skin stimulated and refreshed.




2 oz glass spray bottle (amber or cobalt are best to help block light and preserve oils, but a clear glass is fine if you’re storing away from sunlight)


  1. Measure out and combine ingredients in your glass spray bottle.
  2. Screw the cap on and give the bottle a good shake to mix up your ingredients.
  1. Give your face a good washing and pat dry.
  2. With your eyes closed, gently spray the toner onto your face. Rub in. Allow the toner to sit on your skin and dry in naturally.
  3. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer (jojoba oil or shea butter are wonderful!)




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