Meet Mango Lemonade: Your Springtime Sipper

Meet Mango Lemonade: Your Springtime Sipper

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I know I wasn’t the only one relieved to learn that the groundhog did not see his shadow last month, predicting the early arrival of spring. But until those warmer days are here to stay, we’ve been brewing up a new, seasonal flavor guaranteed to brighten your days.

Meet: Mango Lemonade!

This refreshing blend of tropical sweetness and zingy citrus will transport you into a sunshine state of mind with every bubbly sip. Let’s highlight some of the ingredients (and benefits!) you’ll find in each bottle…

Mango Puree

Mango puree is made from ripe mangos that have been blended into a smooth, thick consistency. This vibrant and flavorful puree is most often used in smoothies, cocktails, desserts, and sauces. Now, we’re adding kombucha to the list! 

We love that mango puree adds both a burst of tropical flavor and a boost of essential nutrients to every bottle of this booch!

Lemon Juice + Lemon Extract

Lemon juice is popular for its tangy flavor and aromatic zest, but what about the lesser known ingredient, lemon extract?

The combination of lemon juice, lemon extract, and mango puree in this seasonal brew creates the perfect balance of fruity and tangy.

Probiotics and Organic Acids

While we’re obsessed with the flavor this kombucha has to offer, taste isn’t the only important thing to highlight. Within every bottle of Health-Ade (Mango Lemonade included!), you’ll find living probiotics and organic acids like acetic, tartaric, lactic, and gluconic acid to support your gut health.   

Pop, Clink, Fizz!

Now that you know more about the flavors and benefits waiting for you inside every Mango Lemonade, here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy it…

  • Straight out of the bottle—keep it simple!
  • Poured over ice and frozen mango chunks in a wine glass.
  • Blended into a frozen mango margarita mocktail (fill an ice cube tray with kombucha; once frozen, pop the cubes into a blender along with frozen mango, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and a splash of coconut water to blend).

Tell your tastebuds to get their passports ready, because they’re headed to a tropical, sun-soaked paradise with every sip. Cheers!

This blog post was written by Claire Chewning, RDN & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Claire Chewning

Claire is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who's not on board with restrictive diets. She’s the owner and founder of Yours Chewly Nutrition, a virtual private practice where she helps individuals heal from chronic dieting and disordered eating so that they can discover peace and trust in their relationships with food + body. She’s also Health-Ade’s Registered Dietitian Advisor and loves educating employees and consumers about all things gut health from a non-diet perspective! She even writes a few blogs from time to time. Cheers!

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