Our Impact

We believe in the power of the gut! Health-Ade wants to help ALL people discover how awesome it is when we’re our happiest and healthiest selves. Part of being our best is doing our part to cultivate the happiest and healthiest communities around us. While our work starts at donating kombucha to underserved communities, it doesn’t stop there!

We’re working hard to grow our sustainability efforts year over year.
Here’s a look at our progress since 2023:

Carbon Footprint

We’re ALWAYS focused on reducing our carbon footprint on the road, and in 2023, we reduced freight and truck mileage driven per case by 27% through optimizations saving millions of miles. Through this effort we reduced carbon emissions related to freight by approximately 600,000 lbs.

Manufacturing Waste

In 2023, we diverted 93% of our total waste in manufacturing, far exceeding LA county standard for recycling and recovery.

Water Stewardship

In 2024 we plan to make key optimizations that will increase our Reverse Osmosis water utilization and also reduce our overall water usage. Stay tuned for updates on our efforts!

Packaging Optimization

Package with Purpose: We’re proudly committed to never producing plastic bottles. We use 80% recyclable materials and make sure our packaging is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approved.

Cultivating a happy and healthy self begins with supporting
the community around us.

Product Donations
Photo Credit: Collective Focus

Product Donations

Health-Ade has donated 24K bottles of kombucha to medical organizations, food banks, and other community programs.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

We have supported underserved communities with $111K in cash donations via well-established wellness organizations making real change, like The Garden School Project and Whole Foods’s Whole Planet Foundation.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

We continually prioritize employees’ wellness with things like healthy snacks for the offices, company-wide health challenges, monthly reimbursements for staying active, and a culture that values mental health and works actively to avoid burnout.