Bubbly Besties: Food Pairings With Your Favorite SunSip Soda

Bubbly Besties: Food Pairings With Your Favorite SunSip Soda

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Peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, Romeo and Juliet, Pete Davidson and the latest it-girl, there’s plenty of classic pairings — and SunSip is the new kid on the block that’s ready to complement your favorite foods and add a little flavor and fun to life’s everyday moments.

Whether you’re sober-curious, looking for gut-friendly beverages, or channeling your inner child and bringing back your OG faves with a healthier spin — let’s dive into top moments to savor a SunSip and some of our favorite food pairings with a bubbly soda.

Sip Into Something Fun 

We might be biased, but we’re constantly on the hunt for drinks that bring a little sparkle to our life and complement life’s everyday to celebratory moments — jazzing up a cheeseburger and fries, feeling nostalgic at a kid’s pizza party, or cooling off on a particularly scorching day. And while many of us look for healthy alternatives to soda to meet our wellness goals and to create better habits, SunSip will help you spend less time saying “hmmm” and more time saying “mmm.” Here are a few times that SunSip is the perfect pairing when you want to indulge and keep your gut happy.

SunSip for Your Daily Routine

We can all pat ourselves on the back for increasing our daily H20 intake and investing in gigantic water bottles to keep us on track. But there’s still moments when we enjoy setting down the five pound water bottle and reaching for a drink that has a little more flavor and fizz. Whether it’s livening up a to-go salad or unwinding with a delicious drink without the pre-bedtime sugar rush, SunSip is a better-for-you soda that you can enjoy and enjoy more often.

SunSip as a Celebration

We often want a little treat to celebrate after we actually read before bed, successfully avoid another night of DoorDash, or hit a full consecutive week of meditating on our app. After a personal achievement, a soda or alcoholic drink can seem counterintuitive to a job well done. Whereas SunSip offers a delicious, flavorful reward without the guilt but with the gut benefits — so you’re keeping the self-care train going rather than bringing it to a halt.

SunSip as Your Party Companion

You won’t find us turning down a good party, especially if the drinks have cocktail umbrellas. And who are we to turn down a boozy brunch or high-end wine tasting? But sometimes we’re looking for the taste of a dance party without lowering our inhibitions to end up on the dance floor — okay, we still will. When we’re just looking for a party companion to hold while we mingle, SunSip provides a little fizz that will get you in the party mood.

The Perfect SunSip Pairings 

Now that we’ve covered how SunSip can be the healthier and gut-friendly alternative for everyday to celebratory moments, let’s talk about some of the most delicious food and SunSip pairings.

Raspberry Lemonade for the Sun Chasers

Nothing says summer like an iced cold lemonade. SunSip’s refreshing Raspberry Lemonade brings the taste of summer to you and pairs well with any of the summer classics: watermelon, BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, and macaroni salad. And if it’s actually sizzling outside, try pouring the Raspberry Lemonade in ice trays to add to your water, it’ll add a little flavor and fizz while you stay hydrated.

Cherry Cola for the Nostalgic Seeker

When you’re ready to turn on your favorite 90s TV show, sit on a neon blow up chair, or journal with a Milky Gel pen, you might want to reach for SunSip’s classic Cherry Cola flavor. While this pairs well with nostalgia, it pairs even better with your favorite movie night foods like popcorn, pizza (gluten-free or regular), candy, and endless bags of chips. It’s all about striking a balance — grab that slice of pizza and wash it down with a drink that will also give you gut-healthy prebiotics.

Strawberry Vanilla for the Sweet Tooth

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Strawberry Vanilla is calling your name. This flavor will enhance the citrus of your favorite fruits and give you that champagne and strawberries effect — but likely without the raging headache. The sweet flavor can also nicely complement a charcuterie board and will bring out the different flavors in soft cheeses and cured meats. Or if you’re looking to dive all into the sweetness, pair the Strawberry Vanilla flavor with a dark chocolate bar or torte.

Root Beer for the Adventurous Foodie

SunSip’s Root Beer flavor is obviously a great alternative to pour over a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a healthier root beer float. But given we’re in the era of food hacks, why limit yourself to just one pairing? Our Root Beer flavor is far more versatile to be canned as a one trick pony. Try pairing it with taco night to swap the cerveza for a non-alcoholic, gut-healthy drink. If you’re a spice lover, our Root Beer can help turn down the heat from a spicy curry or jalapeño heavy nachos. And if you’re looking to be a little more adventurous, try our Root Beer in your next ribs rub or slow cooker brisket recipe…if you have the guts.

Ready to make the swap and pair SunSip with your next dish? Check out our flavors and where to buy here. 


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