Spring Refresh For Your Gut

Spring Refresh For Your Gut

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Spring is so much more than just the transition from cold and dark days to warmer, brighter ones. It’s a time of year that encourages us to refresh and refocus on feel-good habits. Maybe you’ve thought about what a spring refresh could look like for your home, but what about for your gut? We’ve got you covered with some ideas! 

Here are four tips to help support and refresh your gut health this spring… 

1. Increase your fiber intake (and explore spring produce options!)

Fiber is IN this season! Fiber is a type of carbohydrate found in plants that your body can’t digest. It helps you feel full and aids in healthy digestion. 

When you eat fiber-containing foods, you’re consuming prebiotics, which promote the growth and activity of the good bacteria in your gut. Think of fiber as the fuel that your gut bacteria need to thrive!  

One of the great things about trying to increase your fiber intake in the spring is that there are so many tasty, in-season produce items to explore! In-season fruits and veggies tend to be more abundant, flavorful, and cost-effective than their out-of-season counterparts. Consider trying any (or multiple) of the following this spring: strawberries, blueberries, blood oranges, pineapple, asparagus, greens like spinach and arugula, peas, leeks, and onions. 

If you’re looking for a fun, fiber-containing beverage to sip on this season, try our newest bubbly bestie, SunSip! With 2 grams of prebiotic fiber per can, added vitamins + minerals, and four craveable flavors, you'll be sipping your way to a brighter spring.  

2. Add a fermented food (or three) into your weekly rotation. 

Fermented foods can add a ton of flavor to your eating experiences. Plus, fermented foods can contain probiotics that can help contribute to the strength and diversity of the ecosystem inside your gut. Yogurt, kefir, kimchi, fermented pickles, sauerkraut, miso, and kombucha are all fermented foods to consider adding into your regular rotation.  

And lucky for you on the kombucha front, we have several flavors that all taste like warm and sunny spring in a bottle! Guava Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit Tangerine, and seasonal Mango Lemonade are three of my personal springtime favorites. 

3. Skip the “detoxes.” 

Yes, we mean it! Your spring gut refresh will be so much more enjoyable and sustainable if you focus on simple behaviors instead of a trendy “cleanse” or “detox” protocol. 

Many of these diets and/or supplements can pose legitimate health risks, including nutrient deficiencies, electrolyte imbalances, GI upset, dehydration, and the development of disordered eating patterns. These can be far more harmful than helpful to your gut (and overall) health.  

Remember that your body has built-in detoxification organs! Excretory systems in your liver, kidneys, GI tract, skin, and lungs all work continually to remove waste products from the body. 

Instead of trying to find the newest “detox” diet, focus on improving your overall well-being by supporting your gut with foods that will nourish it!  

4. Embrace the outdoors and get moving!

Spring’s milder temperatures and longer daylight hours offer the perfect opportunity to take some exercise breaks outside. Movement of any kind can help boost your mood, improve circulation, promote better digestion, and enhance the diversity of your gut microbiota!  

Consider getting outside to kickstart your day, help you fight off the afternoon slump, destress after a long day, or even connect with friends. A walk to the park for a golden hour picnic complete with a can of kombucha, anyone?  

By focusing on these four tips, you can give your gut the feel-good refresh it deserves after a long winter 💛 Cheers to a healthy and happy spring!  

This blog post was written by Claire Chewning, RDN & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Claire Chewning

Claire is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who's not on board with restrictive diets. She’s the owner and founder of Yours Chewly Nutrition, a virtual private practice where she helps individuals heal from chronic dieting and disordered eating so that they can discover peace and trust in their relationships with food + body. She’s also Health-Ade’s Registered Dietitian Advisor and loves educating employees and consumers about all things gut health from a non-diet perspective! She even writes a few blogs from time to time. Cheers!

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