The Top States for Organic Produce

The Top States for Organic Produce

When it comes to making decisions for your health, the possibilities are endless. There are exercises, products, diets, and recipes that cover every health choice you could decide to make, but one trend has stuck around for quite some time. Whether you’re trying to minimize your environmental footprint or just looking for the freshest produce, organics are a great option.

Organic produce is defined as produce that has been certified as grown on soil that has had no prohibited substances applied to it for at least three years before harvesting. These prohibited substances, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, can damage the environment or certain ecological systems. Organic farms eliminate the use of these substances which makes them better for the environment and for humans. Organic options are a great way to promote a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle, which is something that Health-Ade is passionate about.

Because of this, our team was curious about where organic food is easiest to come by in the United States. We took a look at the USDA Organic Integrity Database to find out which states were the best spots for going organic. You can find the results of our research below!

Organic Farms in every State

Depending on what state you’re in, access to organic food can vary. Vermont was, by far, the state with the most organic farms per capita with nearly 82 farms per 100,000 people. Vermont was followed by Maine with 37 organic farms per 100,000 people, and Idaho and Oregon nearly tied with around 20 organic farms per 100,000 people in their state.

Best States for Organic Fruit

Whether you’re into strawberries, blueberries, apples, or oranges these are the best states to be in if you’re looking for organic fruit options based on the number of organic farms producing fruit. Washington is the best state for organic fruit, with around 800 organic farms producing various fruit options. California came in second with 660 farms producing fruit, and in third place was Maine, with only 160 organic farms producing fruit options. Clearly, the West Coast is the place to be for organic fruit options!

Best States for Organic Vegetables

The East Coast has by far the most organic options for organic farms producing vegetables. Maine has nearly 1000 farms producing organic vegetables, followed by New York with over 750 organic farms producing vegetables, and Pennsylvania in third place.

Whether fruits and vegetables are a necessary evil or your favorite part of your diet, organic options are a fantastic way to take your healthy choices to the next level. When you fuel your body with the best ingredients, it boosts your energy and makes you feel great. That’s why Health-Ade uses only top-tier, organic ingredients when we craft our kombucha. To find out more about what goes into our products, you can check out our commitment to organics here!

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