ModernTarzan Nicholas Coolridge brews his own kombucha

February 28, 2017

Nicholas Coolridge AKA “ModernTarzan” is a movement artist who's made a business out of monkeying around, inspiring others to have courage and strength while believing in the superhero that exists within us all. He also happens to love kombucha! We caught up with ModernTarzan and his acro-yogi girlfriend Dana over a beach sunset Kombucha Convo:

How long have you known you’re a “ModernTarzan” -- were you doing flips and jumping rooftop to rooftop as a kid?

I've been making my mom nervous with my stunts and tricks since day one. I was first introduced to handstands by my dad when I was five years old! My nickname as a kid was “Monkey Boy” which transformed later into “ModernTarzan”.  

Do you ever have any fears when trying a new stunt and if so, how do you overcome it?

New movements can be totally scary but knowledge is the antidote to fear. I absorb as much as I can from other movers (including animals) combined with personal experiences to evolve my practice. As I learn more ways to stay safe the fear is gradually replaced with confidence.

What is your favorite Health-Ade Kombucha flavor?

Ginger-Lemon for the win!  

As a modern day superhero, what would you say your super power is?

Patience. Honing a super power takes a ton of practice and practice includes many failures. Failures can lead to pain, frustration, and even giving up. I rarely give up even if the goal seems outrageous.  

What is your ultimate feat (stunt) that you’d like to accomplish as ModernTarzan?

My ultimate dream is to fly. It's an outrageous goal of mine that I will never give up on.  

Tell me about a memorable kombucha moment that you’ve experienced.

I brew my own kombucha and I actually really enjoy watching people’s reaction when I show them the scoby!  

Learn more about Nicholas here: Instagram: @ModernTarzan 

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