How to Reduce Single Use Plastic

How to Reduce Single Use Plastic

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The following is a guest post by Paige Billings, a Florida-based recipe developer, blogger & photographer. You can find Paige’s blog here.

Hello Bubbly Gang!

Let’s talk Earth Day goals! Or Earth everyday goals! One big goal that I have kept for the past 3 years is switching over all my products from single use plastic to more sustainable options!

So what does this mean?

Single use plastic is everywhere, from the wrapper on gum to plastic cups, wrapping on food, sandwich baggies - seriously everywhere! But with a positive mindset, you can change those daily uses to more sustainable options that are honestly a heck of a lot easier than your old habits! So let’s update your routine!

An easy and cheaper fix in your day is right in front of you! Switch out those tooth brushes to their bamboo sister!

Bamboo toothbrushes are SO much better for the environment but also they feel 100x better on your chompers! I order my pack of 4 for just $10.00 off of Amazon  (so much cheaper than the plastic counterpart!).

They are even male approved!

My husband said he loved these new brushes so much more than his plastic old one! Score for me and score for the environment!

Another fix for this is buying your cleaning products in bulk and using your bottles from kombucha as a container! Easily attach a spray nozzle and viola! Buying in bulk is easier for you and also you are buying 1 bottle that lasts for around 6 months instead of smaller bottles that only last a couple months!

Easy for your wallet and so much nicer on the environment!

Let’s be real, you already have your Health-Ade bottles from your endless supply of kombucha so just repurpose them!

Let’s talk about bulk foods! Back in the day people might have joked about being a tree hugger if you are buying from the bulk section...but let’s get real for a second! This is HANDS DOWN the best section of the grocery store!

For rice, oats, beans, chocolate chips, I mean anything in this section is hands down 100x better than pre-packaged because you can bring your own containers!

Depending on your grocery store, just ask what they will accept when weighing your products! You might need to pre weigh your jars and then fill them up, but this reduces single plastic packaging all in all! Grab those left over booch containers, pasta sauce bottles & jam jars for your bulk section foods!

One more easy trick for reducing plastic is bringing your reusable bags… EVERYWHERE! I love that California charges for bags now, this should be happening in every state across the country! Since it hasn’t been implemented in many states, it is time for you to take action!

Whether it’s a quick run to the drug store, target (you know you can’t leave with one thing…), the grocery store or even a shopping day at the mall - toss one of your reusable sacks in your pockets or purse! With every reusable bag you use, you can eliminate 1,000 plastic bags over your lifetime!

If you get all your friends and family to do this we can eliminate over 30 billion plastic bags over the course of just one year just in the United States! I MEAN GUYS! Look at those numbers! Grab a cute Kombucha tote from Health-Ade to safely hold your goodies and head to your grocery store to grab about 3-5 reusable bags!

Let’s start saving the place we live & love! #sustainable!

Tag me in your instagram posts so I can tag along your reducing journey! @frontpaigebakes!

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