Health Aids Happiness: Say Hello to our New Brewery!

Health Aids Happiness: Say Hello to our New Brewery!

Bubbly Gang

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After 7 long and busy months, we are proud and excited (and basically every other emotion) to open the doors of our brand new brewery in Torrance, California!

Some of you may have noticed that it's been harder than usual to find your favorite Health-Ade flavors at your local retailer. Well... that’s because we needed this new brewery to keep up with the growing demand. We’re maxed out! And we hate that we haven’t been able to give you what you want — so please allow us to give you the low-down...

Simply put, making real kombucha ain’t easy. At Health-Ade, we stop at nothing to provide the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy. We brew the old fashioned way, the way nature intended; just like you’d make it at home. In super-small 2.5 gallon batches for premium quality, we're the only commercial kombucha fermented in glass to prevent plastic and metal leaching, and we're flavored with only the highest quality ingredients, like cold-pressed juice from organic produce. We’re proud to make real food, we don’t pasteurize or force-carbonate, and we never add anything artificial or engineered. Simply put, there's no one out there that makes it quite like us.

As you can imagine, this process isn’t easy and it takes time.  And, we THANK YOU for your patience as we figure it all out.  No matter how big we get, we want you to know we’re ALWAYS going to make real kombucha. Always in super small 2.5 gallon glass batches. Always the old-school way. We have no interest in making anything other than real food and real kombucha.

We’re stoked to report that our first batch of Health-Ade will be shipping out of our brewery doors by mid-November. You'll start seeing your favorite flavors back on store shelves very, very soon!

The point of all this is to thank you for your understanding as we grow. The continued support you have given us these past 4 years, from farmers’ market to nation-wide, is incredible and we could not go one more step without you. We are excited to continue making the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy…


Daina, Vanessa, Justin + the Health-Ade Team