Sweeten Up Your Morning With Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger Pancakes

Sweeten Up Your Morning With Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger Pancakes

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GUYS! It’s finally spring! I never thought I would miss the heat so much after I grew up complaining about it everyday of my life. I cannot wait to feel the sun on my face! Living in a state that gets winter – I now have so many fun things to look forward to like the cherry blossom festival, walking outside without a 100 pound coat and picnics in Central Park. I would say cold beverages but the winter hasn’t stopped me on that one, ha! I still carry my kombucha with me to the train even if it’s 20 degrees.

Speaking of, I wanted to teach you guys how to make pancakes from scratch because when you make pancakes from scratch they automatically include more love and deliciousness. I included some of Health-Ade’s Blood Orange Carrot Ginger flavor in my little topping.


Have you ever realized how easy this actually is? It’s just a little flour mixture and some liquid girlfriend! In this recipe, I used Blood-Orange-Carrot-Ginger Health-Ade Kombucha as my liquid and I also added some ricotta. I just feel like ricotta pancakes have a lighter fluffier, yet creamy texture that I love so much. If it’s on the menu at restaurants I get them almost every time. The kombucha in this recipe really adds that punch of ginger AND since kombucha is carbonated it makes your pancakes even fluffier.


We all know how temperamental pancakes can be, especially when you’re making the pancakes from scratch. The first one always seems to burn, you over flipped and now there’s batter everywhere, I get it. You really want your heat to be on medium and here is where you need to make a decision. This is purely preference: 1. Use butter or oil in your pan if you want your pancakes to be crispy (you’re essentially frying them at this point. Or 2. If you want to have that soft even color and texture, DON’T USE ANYTHING in the pan. SAY WHAT? I know – a crazy thought right? I recommend using a non-stick pan but I have done it in a (full stick?) pan and they’ve turned out fine. You just need to let them do their thing and not flip them until those bubbles on the top are popping.


Blood oranges are some of the most beautiful oranges out there! They have such a deep rich color, but there are also some that are lighter and have a sort of, ombre effect. They’re a little bit sweeter than a regular orange, I feel like. What I did with these guys is sliced them (with the skin on) and then took a pairing knife and ran it around the edges to preserve as much of the shape and juice that I could. Next, I mixed some of the leftover ricotta with a little bit of Blood-Orange-Carrot-Ginger Health-Ade Kombucha to create a whipped cream of sorts, on top. SO now we have pancakes from scratch, a probiotic (super good for your gut), and delicious flavors, what more could you ask for?! Pour yourself a glass of kombucha, make some coffee or have some tea. Whichever way you choose to eat these, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

To take a look at some more of Health-Ade’s flavors feel free to visit the flavor page, there is also tons of information on what kombucha is and why theirs is so special, a.k.a why I love them so much. Thank you SO much to Health-Ade Kombucha for making this recipe possible to share with all of you! Remember to #FollowYourGut always!

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