An Easy Kombucha Cocktail That Doubles as an Aperatif

An Easy Kombucha Cocktail That Doubles as an Aperatif

Kombucha is (obviously) one of our favorite go-to’s when it comes to happy hour. Not only is it a perfect mocktail on its own, it’s also great as a mixer for all kinds of kombucha cocktails!

We’re not picky when it comes to kombucha cocktails. We like Kombucha Sangria on a summer evening, the Vaquero New Year when we’re curled up in the winter, and the Mez-Cali Margarita (which is served at Bar Mateo in downtown LA!) just about anytime. And when we came across this aperatif, crafted by All Purpose Flower Child, we were totally awe struck. I mean, how gorgeous is this creation?

We love mixing the fermented tea with any premium liquor to create a delicious mix of flavors. For those of us who prefer a foolproof recipe with minimal ingredients, this Aperol Spritz might just be your new drink of choice. Perfect for the warm summer days (and nights) this cocktail acts as an aperatif. Meaning that it's low-alcohol and meant to be enjoyed during peak happy hour times, post-work and pre-dinner. Most aperatifs aid in digestion, which go hand-in-hand with the already probiotic-rich kombucha.


Check out some other kombucha cocktail recipes like the classic Kombucha Sour or the exotic Beet The Heat. The options truly are endless! For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram. Find this interesting? Learn more about kombucha or read more Health-Ade blog posts.

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