A 6-Step Morning Routine this Blogger Swears By!

A 6-Step Morning Routine this Blogger Swears By!

The following is a guest post by Paige Billings, a Florida-based recipe developer, blogger & photographer. You can find Paige’s blog here.

Good morning fellow kombucha lovers!

I am Paige, a Kombucha lover, gluten-free & vegan recipe developer & food photographer at FrontPaige.net and a dog mom! Mornings can be tough and to be honest, reading up on other people's morning routines can make yours feel not so great. BUT please push that aside start your day with Health-Ade like I do (ps. It's revolutionary!)! Over the past few years I’ve tried my share at morning routines from waking up late and rushing to class when I was in college or waking up early to workout before the day.

But my old routines didn't stick....and I know why.

I wasn’t starting my day the way I wanted to be! I find this very important! The morning sets your stage for the day - heck the week! One thing that has been the most consistent for me in the morning is my post teeth brushing ritual, a glass of ice cold kombucha mixed with some water and lemon!

Once I started consistently doing this, I had the energy to get a lot more done in the morning and pushed back my morning coffee, to a time where it tasted good and didn't have me crashing! The kombucha has enough of a zest to get my day started on a very fresh note!

Trust me!

Since I started adding Health-Ade kombucha to my morning routine, I noticed a lot more clarity in my morning workouts, walks & days I have to start shoots early! The caffeine in the tea gives me just enough of a push without making me feel like I need a constant IV of caffeine.

Now, my body needs less caffeine and feels amazing from the probiotics in Health-Ade.

TOTAL game changer ladies & gents!

I’ve seen the best me in the past two years since adding Health-Ade to my morning routine, and a happy me is a happy life!

These 6 steps help me start my day, whether it is the weekend or the weekday, the only thing that changes is the time I wake up!

Sticking to something that is attainable and healthy for my gut propels the rest of my body forward through the day! I love pairing kombucha with a twist of lemon and poured over ice because the flavors pop!

If you are looking for a place to start... start with a Health-Ade kombucha. It will be the best part of your day, week, month and year!

What are you waiting for?!




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