Tips for Pairing Kombucha with Food

Tips for Pairing Kombucha with Food

As you’re sitting down to enjoy a nice glass of refreshing kombucha, why drink it alone? This fizzy beverage pairs well with some of your favorite foods and can be the perfect complement to a meal. Since everyone’s taste preferences are different, you may want to have fun experimenting as you pair different foods and meals to discover what you and your family like best. Get creative and build new flavor combinations that highlight both the kombucha tea and the food.

Match Similar Profiles

One strategy you can use when pairing a kombucha drink with your next meal is to stick with similar flavors. For instance, if your meal is tangy or tropical, find a kombucha with similar notes. If you’re having a sweet or savory dessert, go with a lighter kombucha that offers the same general flavors or something complementary. A fruity kombucha can pair well with a salad or sandwich while a kombucha with spicier notes can go well with fermented vegetables like a pickled beet salad or kimchi.

Opposites Attract

You may also find that going with an opposite flavor profile works well. Again, it all comes back to taste preferences and everyone’s taste buds are unique! Let the tanginess of your kombucha drink offset the sweetness of a dessert or vice versa. For example, pair a pomegranate kombucha with a sharp cheddar cheese. Test out some different combinations to see what you and your guests find most appealing. You may want to give people options where they can either match similar or opposite tastes with the meal.

Using Kombucha in Food

In addition to pairing your kombucha tea with some of your favorite foods, you can actually use it in a variety of recipes as well. Since kombucha is naturally somewhat vinegary, you can use it as a flavorful replacement for vinegar in vinaigrettes or marinades. Whether you’re making a salad or preparing to grill meat, switch things up by adding organic kombucha and enjoy the unique flavors.

You can also use kombucha in popsicles for a refreshing and healthy treat to savor year round! Combine it with some coconut cream and fresh fruit, pop it in the freezer, and enjoy a frozen snack. Or, mix it in with your favorite cocktail or mocktail for a healthy twist to your usual happy hour drink. You can muddle some fresh fruit and herbs, add a splash of cold-pressed juice and you have yourself a delightful DIY mocktail or cocktail.

One tip to keep in mind is that many people find that kombucha does not pair well with foods that are already higher in acidity because the flavor can become lost or overpowered. So you may want to skip having a glass of kombucha tea after you finish your morning cup of coffee or simply replace your coffee with kombucha altogether! It’s best to wait a little while after consuming something highly acidic, like coffee.

Enjoying the Versatility of Kombucha

Because organic kombucha comes in so many different flavors and flavor combinations, it can make for a wonderful complement to any meal or addition to various recipes. Play around with the flavors and try something different – you may discover a new favorite meal pairing! And since Health-Ade Kombucha is certified raw, organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, it’s a choice you will feel good about. Try experimenting with all of our flavors and elevate your dining experience to the next level.

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