Summer Appetizers & Rose Pairing

Summer Appetizers & Rose Pairing

There is something about summer that brings a new light to snacking! To me, things taste better in the summer. Strawberries are sweeter, mangoes have a place, and rose can be served all day - Health-Ade Bubbly Rose that is!

When I first took a sip of this flavor, I was literally floored. Not only is the rose flavor subtle, but the mangosteen adds depth to the kombucha. Boy, this really screams summer! When it comes to parties with friends, my favorite part of the prep is planning summer snacks and drink pairing. My go to fridge staple for a get-together is to have options for people who are gluten-free (me!), vegan, non-alcoholic drinkers, and then those who eat all of the above. There is nothing harder than going to a party and realizing you can’t have anything but water...story of my life. I always keep 6 bottles of kombucha in my fridge and those flavors rotate seasonally! Right now, since it is hot outside, I like to keep my fridge full of the new Cherry-Berry, Bubbly Rose, and the fan favorite, California Grape.

Summer Appetizers & Rose Pairing | Health-Ade Kombucha

Let’s talk about summer food pairing with a seasonal twist for my all-time favorite hot weather flavor, the Bubbly Rose. For summer appetizers, I love to toss together a giant cheese on a few big party platters with a wide variety of snacks. To pair with a crisp rose wine and the bubbly rose kombucha, I like to fill the platters with fresh strawberries, goat cheese, salted nuts, dried mango (pairs perfectly with the Bubbly Rose), some dolmathes (a Greek, rice, olive leave appetizer), and a hot chicken sausage. If you are a vegetarian, omit the meat and add in a second serving of chickpea salad.

These flavors all have one thing in common - the lightness on the palate. Like the Bubbly Rose and the rose wine, the crispness of the drinks adds bright notes on your tongue. This is complimented best with lighter summer foods like fresh fruit, dolmathes, and goat cheese.

Summer is about indulgence, fun foods and being outside with your friends. So, a big platter of fun apps, and cold bottles of Health-Ade are the best way to celebrate the warm weather and birds chirping!
Let me know what you put on your summer appetizer list and tag me in your pics this summer! Cheers!

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