Ever Wonder How to Add Collagen to Kombucha? You're in luck!

Ever Wonder How to Add Collagen to Kombucha? You're in luck!

Before we demonstrate how to add collagen to kombucha, let’s go over why you’d even want to add a scoop of collagen to a glass of kombucha in the first place. If you’re not already a fan of both the supplement and the beverage, then you might feel confused about this little marriage in wellness. But if you’re a longtime user of both, you’ll know exactly why drinking collagen-infused kombucha is a must-try.

We love Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, which is packed with major health and beauty benefits thanks to its key ingredient. Vital Proteins is said to help promote stronger hair, skin, nails, joints and gut - who can say no to that?!

Together, collagen and kombucha join forces as the ultimate power couple.

So, why are we showing you how to add collagen to kombucha? You may be wondering, “Can’t you just pour a scoop of collagen in?!” You technically can, but you’ll risk getting overflowing bubbles since kombucha is a naturally fermented beverage. Good news: you can easily stop this from happening in two steps – and we’re here to teach you how.

Watch our video above and to learn our tips & tricks!

  1. First, mix one scoop of collagen (we used our flavorless Collagen Peptides!) with ¾ cup of coconut water. We like using coconut water for a flavor boost. Plain water will diminish the kombucha taste.
  1. Then, *slowly* add your favorite kombucha to your mixture. Bottoms up!


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