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Health-Ade Kombucha

The Best Tasting and Highest Quality Kombucha You Can Buy

  • Living Probiotics
  • Real Food
  • Cold Pressed Flavor
  • Acids from Fermentation
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Kombucha 3 bottles

Health-Ade PLUS

Looking for deliciosness with serious benefits? Health-Ade PLUS combines our classic kombucha with ever more power; special adaptogenic and functional ingredients for an extra feel-good boost, no-matter what you're needing!

Health-Ade Plus
Health-Ade Booch Pop

Health-Ade Booch Pop

Basic Bubbles? Can it, soda. Health-Ade Booch Pop blends our delicious and not-too-sweet kombucha with belly-loving prebiotics, minerals, and real fruit. It’s soda, redefined for a healthier generation.

  • Seriously Delicious
  • Not too sweet. Never Fake
  • Read Food Only
  • Belly Benifits Prebiotics
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