Crack Open a Can of Feel-Good

Bubbly prebiotic soda for a happy gut.

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Flavor You Can Feel Good About

40 Calories
or Less
< 6g Added Sugar
Certified Organic
No Artificial

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Sip on Something Supportive

The fizz you love boosted with feel-good benefits!

Natural Antioxidants

Also known as your body’s molecular clean
up crew!

Plant-Based Prebiotics

Natural fibers that feed your native
gut bacteria.

Detoxifying Acids

Healthy acids that support your body’s natural
ability to detoxify.

Pop Vs. Soda

Your guide to fizzy, feel-good refreshment
Sugar Ingredients Calories Fiber
5g No fake stuff, ever! 40 cal or less 3g
38g Artificial Flavors
Gums & Dyes
Fake Sugar
140 cal+ 0g
Sugar 5g 38g
Ingredients No fake stuff, ever! Artificial Flavors
Gums & Dyes
Fake Sugar
Calories 40 cal or less 140 cal+
Fiber 3g 0g

Certifiably tasty

Pop Talk

What can we say? We believe in love at first sip

Can’t stump us

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are like food for the native bacteria that live in your gut—bacteria need to eat too! Prebiotics are found in many fruits and vegetables—especially those that are high in fiber and starch. Pop has two different kinds of prebiotics: proanthocyanidins (PACs) found in cranberries and plant fiber from agave.

Is there Stevia or artificial sweetener in Health-Ade Pop?

No fake flavors, colors, or sweeteners—just real fruit, real sugar, and a touch of monkfruit.

Is Health-Ade Pop kombucha?

No! It’s a prebiotic bubbly beverage for a happy gut!

What makes Health-Ade Pop a great alternative to regular soda?

It's everything you love about soda, without the stuff you don’t. No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Just real low in real sugar, packed with real fruit flavor, and rich in prebiotics for a healthy gut!

What does Health-Ade Pop taste like?

Fizzy, full of flavor and satisfying—just like a soda should be!