What is Kombucha?

  • There's a reason this ancient beverage has become so popular.
  • Curious about the basics of this fizzy, fermented tea?
  • We're proud to share a little more about our fermentation process, gut health benefits, and our simple, real food recipe.

The Ingredients

Kombucha is made by adding a culture (also known as a "SCOBY") to a sweetened, brewed tea. Many brands try to circumvent this natural process, but Health-Ade is proud to do this the traditional, real-food way.





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What are the benefits of Kombucha?

Kombucha is a traditionally fermented beverage, not a supplement or prescription. We like to view our bubbly, fermented beverage like you would yogurt, kefir, or even your favorite fruit or vegetable: something wholesome and natural that helps you feel good. Naturally, Health-Ade Kombucha, like other fermented foods, contains healthy acids and living probiotics - both of which are key ingredients to a healthy gut! Most people drink kombucha for the great taste, to replace sugary sodas and because it makes them feel good. We hope you feel the same!

Benefits of Kombucha
The fermentation process

The fermentation process

Simply put, fermentation is when friendly bacteria (aka probiotics), yeasts and enzymes convert our sweetened, brewed tea into our tasty, high-quality kombucha. A couple of things to note - all kombucha is made with sugar (it's the food for the probiotics!) AND Health-Ade uses the highest quality ingredients to make the best tasting brew.

What is fermentation

We make it the way nature intended, always giving you the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy.

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