Why isn’t my Kombucha Bubbly? All you Need to Know about Natural Carbonation!

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When you pop open a bottle of kombucha, expecting that fizzy sound and those perfect little bubbles that gently tickle your tongue, it can be deflating to discover the kombucha is not bubbly as you hoped. We agree!

Since this is feedback we occasionally get from Health-Ade fans, we wanted to give you a little more info on why kombucha is not always bubbly, and why we believe our process is worth the occasional variation in bubbles.

Natural Carbonation

There are two kinds of carbonation in beverages: forced carbonation and natural carbonation.

In forced carbonation, a specific amount of carbon dioxide is added into a beverage during bottling. Once that carbonation is inside and the bottle is capped, the level of carbonation won’t change until someone opens the bottle. At that point, carbon dioxide will escape, and the drink will slowly begin to go flat. (Ever notice how a can of soda or sparkling water is super bubbly right when you open it, but by the time you get to the bottom it’s pretty much flat? That’s because all the carbon dioxide has dissolved.)

Natural carbonation is completely different. Instead of adding carbon dioxide to a still beverage, carbonation occurs naturally, when yeasts consume sugar. In our kombucha, the yeast from our SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) consume the sugar in sweet tea and produce both carbon dioxide (carbonation) and trace amounts of alcohol as byproducts. The bacteria from the SCOBY then consume some of the alcohol and in turn produce healthy acids.

This process of converting sugar → CO2 + alcohol → healthy acids is completely natural and symbiotic. Whenever natural fermentation happens, so does natural carbonation!

So why is my kombucha occasionally lacking carbonation and not bubbly?

As with any natural process, there’s variation. The microorganisms that work together to make kombucha bubbly can be more or less active in producing alcohol, carbonation and acids, depending on a wide variety of factors. While we work hard to keep conditions consistent, so that the kombucha you find at the store is consistently bubbly, occasionally nature has a different idea!

Most of the time, because our ingredients and conditions are always about the same, our kombucha will be slightly carbonated – exactly what you expect. But if you get a super bubbly bottle, or a somewhat flat bottle, just know it’s because we leave the probiotics in charge as much as we can.

What can I do if my kombucha is flat?

If you open a bottle of Health-Ade and don’t hear that gentle release of air (a more subtle version of what you’d hear when opening a bottle of soda or sparkling water), it still may taste bubbly upon taking a sip. If you find it flat after taking a sip, let us know!

Contact us with the following:

  • Flavor name
  • Where you purchased the bottle
  • Expiration date + 3 digit number following the date

We are constantly working to improve our processes so that every bottle of kombucha is as close to perfect as possible. Getting feedback from Health-Ade fans is super helpful and we always appreciate hearing from you!

What if my kombucha bubbles over on me upon opening?

We sometimes hear about extra fizzy kombucha, too, especially if you’re buying one at a higher altitude (since the pressure will build a little in that case) or on the East Coast, where it may have been bumping around during shipping. In this case, feel free to follow the same directions listed above.

Thank you for supporting real, authentically brewed kombucha!



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