Bon Appetit

bon appetit

“This is a perfect starter kombucha cocktail, because it calls for “original” (unflavored) kombucha, which helps you understand the base tea-centric flavor. We like Health-Ade which you can find at most supermarkets.” - March 2017

Gastroenterology Endoscopy News

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News

“Kombucha provides a potent source of natural probiotics. There are a variety of brands that now make Kombucha tea, so cultures and preparation methods may differ. One of my favorite brands is Health-Ade Kombucha, available at Whole Foods.” - March 2017

“Health-Ade Kombucha handcrafts top-quality kombucha in small batches, fermented in glass (important), with all raw, non-GMO, organic ingredients. We love their yummy super teas (a healthy mix of kombucha and botanical superfoods) and cold-pressed kombucha flavors.” - Feb 2017



“After a busy year in 2016, Health-Ade Kombucha revealed its plan to build on its current momentum over the next 12 months during the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last week.” - Jan 2017



“Health-Ade introduced a new blood orange, carrot and ginger flavor, the eighth variety in its line of organic and raw kombucha drinks.” - Jan 2017

Food & Wine


“A great gateway option, this spritzy, not-too-funky version is made in supersmall batches.” - Jan 2017

the new potato

The New Potato

“That’s where Health-Ade Kombucha comes in. They’ve shared some killer kombucha cocktails with us below.” - Dec 2016

mbg mindbodygreen

mbg mindbodygreen

“If you prefer no alcohol, we recommend Health-Ade’s Holiday Cheers kombucha blend, which has a mild tea flavor that includes ginger, cacao, and all-spice.” -12/21/16

the food channel


“Determined to change the way we drink it, Health-Ade Kombucha was founded in 2012 by a husband, wife, and best friend who were all looking to make the best tasting & highest quality kombucha available.” -12/19/16

the new potato

The New Potato

“…we turned to Health-Ade Kombucha’s CEO and co-founder Daina Trout. She graciously answered every question we had and then some; read below for the ultimate insider’s guide to kombucha…” - Dec 2016



“At the end of the class, attendees got to take their yoga mats as a gift (score!) and Health-Ade handed out gut-healthy kombucha.” - Dec 2016



“Infused with the flavors of ginger, cacao, and allspice, Health-Ade Kombucha Holiday Cheers ($5) is one limited-edition flavor that I wish was available year-round.” - Dec 2016

Pret a Reporter

Pret a Reporter

“…and options for the alcohol-free set (Health-Ade Kombucha and JUST water).” - Dec 2016

LA Times

Los Angeles Times

“Kombucha is the drink of the -moment — more so in the Holiday Cheers offering from popular brand Health-Ade.” - Dec 2016

US Weekly


“Manganiello arrived sans wife Sofia Vergara. He drank Health-Ade Kombucha and snacked on Sidecar Doughnuts while mingling in a quiet corner.” - Dec 2016

Just Jared


“Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardict were spotted leaving the party holding bottles of Health-Ade Kombucha. All of the celeb guests were gifted a bottle of the new “holiday cheers” flavor on their way home from the event…” - Dec 2016

E! Online


“When attendees first arrived to the intimate gathering they were able to test Health-Ade Kombucha’s new Holiday Cheers flavors served out of an epic Volkswagen van converted into a bar…” - Dec 2016



“You can get kombucha in any type of fruity flavor besides the original and ginger flavor. Experiment with different brands and flavors to find the one you love!Some tried-and-true brands we’re into are Health-Ade…” - Nov 2016

Rodale Wellness

RODALE wellness

“Drink Health-Ade Kombucha for a happier mind and healthy gut. This bubbly probiotic tea is handcrafted with raw ingredients and flavored with cold-pressed juice." - Nov 2016

Women's Health

Women’s Health

“Kombucha (made by fermenting sweet tea with yeast and bacteria) varies in sugar content across brands, but this sparkling sipper is subtly sweet—only three grams per 8-oz serving, mostly from fresh fruit juice.” - Nov 2016