There's a reason this ancient beverage has become so popular. Curious about the basics of this fizzy, fermented tea?We're proud to share a little more about our fermentation process,potential gut health benifits, and our simple, real food recipe.


Old-school kombucha is made via primary and secondary fermentation using 4 simple ingredients, though many brands try to hasten this very natural process. Health-Ade is proud to do this the real way.


Simply put, fermentation is where the activity of friendly bacteria, yeasts, and enzymes (aka probiotics) eat the sugar in sweet tea and turn it into tasty, and slightly bubbly, kombucha.

A couple things to note – all kombucha is made with sugar (it’s more for the probiotics than for you) AND the highest quality ingredients will make the best tasting brew.

If made the real way, it can take up to 4 weeks to make a bottle. That’s how Health-Ade makes it every day.

As you may know, kombucha is a traditionally fermented food, not a supplement or prescription. We suggest you view this fizzy, fermented beverage like you would yogurt, kefir, or even your favorite vegrtable: wholesome, natural, and a contributor to felling good. Naturally, Kombucha, like other fermented foods, contains healthy acids and living probiotics - on which the science is continually becoming more robust. Most people drink kombucha for it's great taste and because it makes them feel good. We hope you feel the same!
Health-Ade follows the traditional ancient recipe for konbucha: 1 cup of sugar per gallon of tea (we use a combination of black tea and green tea, aged kombucha often called "starter"), and a SCOBY. Our fermentation process takes time, as does everything in nature, but we are committed to bringing you the best tasting and highest quality kombucha!
Our process uses only the best ingredients, like cold-pressed juice from organic produce sourced from local and global farms. And we fement in super small 2.5 gallon glass jars, which gives us better control over the quality of our brew, and also prevents plastic and metal leaching.
This is very similar to the way you would brew kombucha at home - just on a larger scale. We don't think any other company out ther makes it quite like us, and we feel proud to offer you what we consider the most real and authentic kombucha you can buy.


We make it the way nature intended, always giving you the BEST TASTING and HIGHEST QUALITY kombucha you can buy.