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Director of Finance, Planning, & Analysis (Torrance, CA)

The Director of Finance, Planning & Analysis is responsible for tracking and analyzing the company’s performance and developing strategies to drive business decisions. This position will develop financial and non-financial forecasts within departments and work closely with senior management on budgets, strategic plans, key performance indicators and Board of Director packages. This manager will lead a small team of analysts with wide range of company-wide initiatives by working collaboratively through the organization in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Production.


Regional Sales Manager-Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

The Regional Sales Manager is responsible for a go to market strategy that will increase customer loyalty, distribution growth, and company profitability by continuing and building relationships with existing retailers, distributors and brokers. This includes managing annual forecast, budget and sales plan. The Regional Sales Manager actively manages bottom up planning with each key account on annual bases and sets quarterly and annual objectives.