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Periwinkle Pomegranate Spritz

Deep blue butterfly pea flower layered with classic pomegranate kombucha makes for a sparkly treat to top off your day. Created by @coffeebae97.


- 3 oz tonic water

- 4 oz Health-Ade Pomegranate Kombucha

- Splash of butterfly pea flower tea

- Pomegranate seeds

- Lime wedge

- 1 cup ice


optional: add a spirit of your choice if you'd like! 

optional: butterfly pea flower rose cube & pink edible glitter dust




1. In your serving cup — add in your glitter dust, ice, and tonic water.

2. Slowly pour in Heath-Ade Pomegranate Kombucha and a splash of butterfly pea flower for that gorgeous gradient effect.

3. Garnish with lime slices, pomegranate seeds, and your rose cube! Enjoy!

Did you know?

Butterfly Pea powder comes from the Butterfly Pea plant, native to Southeast Asia.  It contains a unique antioxidant called anthocyanin found in most purple or blue-hued plants.

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