How to Stay Present and Enjoy the Now!

September 10, 2018

The following is a guest post by Paige Billings, a Florida-based recipe developer, blogger & photographer. You can find Paige’s blog here.

Let’s talk about being present!

I’d be lying if I told you I’m perfect at putting my phone down and being in the moment all the time, but like anything, I have learned from my mistakes and take being present as true test of self dedication.

Hi! I’m Paige, a professional food photographer, as well as a gluten-free and vegan recipe developer.

As a freelance photographer and a full time working gal, finding time to put my phone down and be present is crucial to my happiness and my stress levels.

Being present and enjoying the “now” is something that many of us young working professionals is a fleeting idea. What does being present mean? This can change from person to person but essentially holds the idea of allowing yourself to breathe and enjoy the moment.

Being present for me simply means, creating memories to look back on.

By putting away your stress and putting away work, you’re allowing yourself to feel the wind, the smell of fresh grass, taste the bubblies from the kombucha!

Self care is something that I struggle to give myself. The past few years - the transition years as I like to call them, are those crucial years post college graduation where you throw yourself at adulthood and see what happens.

During those years I fell sideways with allowing myself to find simple joys. I was constantly caught up in the keep going, keep providing, keep working mentality of living in a big city. After moving across the country twice and living in 4 homes this past year, I have realized the unsettled feeling isn’t where I am in life, that feeling is something that stems from within.

Not allowing myself to be present in the small moments. The feeling of relief is something that is well deserved and needed. Being present comes through many things. 

Scheduling in time for yourself can sound selfish and even daunting, but that isn’t the case. Making time for yourself should be more than having a meal and watching Netflix.

I allow my day to break in many ways, so I can reflect on what I did three hours ago, and even five minutes ago! I’ll walk you through my day: I wake up early *mostly because my husband goes to work early*, drink half bottle of my favorite Health-Ade (this tends to change with my mood!), head to the gym, come back and slowly wake up my doggie. After she is sorta awake, I get her in her harness and set up towards the trail near our house!

We are fortunate enough to live near a hiking trail. I tend to leave my phone on “do not disturb” and enjoy my 40 minute hike. Once I am home after my hike, I take a quick shower, make some breakfast and hit the computer for a full day of work.

From here, I make sure I get up once an hour to stretch, walk around, kiss my doggie. Around three in the afternoon I tend to get drowsy, I always reach for my other half of kombucha and power through those last two to three hours.

When my husband gets home from work around 4:30, my itch to end the day sets in, and I throw in the towel. Tossing on my walking shoes, and grabbing my husband and my dog for our evening walk.

During this walk, I turn off my phone and leave it at home. My nighttime walk is my happy place. Hand in hand with my love, watching our doggie bound with happiness is why being present is so key.  

Start out slow, give yourself time to ease into the lifestyle of allowing yourself to breathe. Small steps in the right direction turn to leaps in your future health. Give yourself the time to grow into the routine of putting yourself first in times when you need to!

Jump forward, take charge and be present! Let’s all do it together! Tag me in your routine so I can see how you allowing yourself to enjoy the now!


Not one day has gone by that Paige Billings has not believed that cake can solve most problems. After being told she was allergic to gluten, Paige realized she had to modify her cake recipes. Committed to making her cakes just as delicious as before, Paige has combined her passion for baking, design, and photography into her career as a freelance food photographer, freelance copy and photography editor, and recipe developer. Her delicious and beautiful recipes that can be found on her blog, instagram, and in the secret pages of her ongoing cookbook. Though Paige has lived in many places, from the Bay Area of California, where she grew up, to Montana, where she graduated from Montana State University. She now works out of her Utah home with the help of her eager taste testers, husband, Drew and dog, Moose.

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