Gretta Kruesi loves Health-Ade's Maca-Berry Kombucha

March 28, 2017

Gretta Kruesi can be found kitesurfing Maui’s best waves, painting a massive mural to adorn a city street, and starting-up a foodtruck business to serve hungry surfers. She’s a true artist and entrepreneur and now, a new mother. Gretta, with her baby in tow, shares how she balances art and motherhood over a (Maca-Berry) Kombucha Convo:  

You're a muralist, pro kitesurfer, and a new mom. Has becoming a mother inspired your art in a new way?

Becoming a mom has pushed me to take my art more seriously. Normally I'd get so excited for any opportunity to paint, I didn't care what it was or how much money I’d make. I was just happy to paint!  Now, I have to line up babysitters and provide for my son. It forces me to become more selective in the projects I take on. Time is such a precious commodity, each piece becomes that much more meaningful.

With being a busy entrepreneur and now having a baby to add to the exciting mix, what are three things that keep you energized and focused throughout your day?

1) Kombucha! After my son was born, I became super sensitive to caffeine and couldn't consume any during the time that I was nursing. Kombucha has become my go-to when I need an extra energy kick to keep me going!

2) Getting outside and moving, even if it's a 30 minute walk, exercise and sunshine always gives me a boost.

3) Rest. I don't get nearly enough of it anymore so it's critical for me to make time for it when I can during the day. Whether it's a nap or just slowing down to take some deep breaths.  

What was your biggest take-away from your foodtruck venture?

Hard work always pays off. Art comes in all types of mediums and for me, cooking was another form of my artistic expression. Hard work may not pay off in the exact way that you imagined but it always does in it’s own form and time.

What is your favorite Health-Ade Kombucha flavor? 

I'm a Maca-Berry girl!  

What advice would you give someone who has a great idea for a creative business venture but feels that it's too difficult to accomplish?

Break it down. It's important to start with a big dream and then work backward from there. The more specific a goal, the more specific the results. Break down each step and always keep in mind that things take twice as long and cost twice as much than you initially anticipate!

What's your favorite time of day to grab a kombucha?

Definitely in the morning. It gives me an energy boost and balances me out for the day. If it's 'one of those days' I'll have another one in the early afternoon!

Learn more about Gretta here: Instagram: @grettakruesi

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