5 Healthy Bloggers on What's Trending in Their Fridge

August 16, 2017

What is it about peeking inside someone else’s fridge that’s just so dang fun? Maybe it’s because we’re all looking for inspiration when it comes to food and meal prep. Maybe it’s because we’re secretly dreaming of becoming a healthier, more organized version of ourselves. Or maybe it’s just intriguing to get a little glimpse into the food lives of others.

Regardless of the reason, we know one thing for sure: seeing what healthy people keep on-hand can be downright inspirational.

With that, we asked 5 of our favorite health & wellness bloggers to share their fridge must-haves - the things that help nourish their mind, body and soul. While there’s no “right” way to stock a fridge or “correct” group of foods to keep on hand, we think one look inside these fridges will have you heading to the nearest market ASAP!

FRIDGE #1: @leefromamerica

Food Stylist, Recipe Developer and Wellness Writer

“I always have fresh avocado for macro bowls, coconut yogurt for snacks, and a bunch of bulk items like coconut shreds, cashews, chia and flax seed for smoothie bowls and my fat balls! Also, Health-Ade booch for a quick post yoga snack or mid-morning pick me up!”


@leefromamerica: Food Stylist, Recipe Developer and Wellness Writer

FRIDGE #2: @vibrantandpure

Food Stylist and Content Creator

In my fridge I always have the following: probiotic supplements, kraut/fermented vegetables & kombucha because gut health is everything! Additionally, I always have leafy greens for salads/smoothies, cucumbers (I eat so many cucumbers a day, crunchy hydrating vegetable perfection!), fresh berries, and ginger + turmeric root for juicing and making little immunity shots.”


@vibrantandpure: Food Stylist and Content Creator

FRIDGE #3: @kalejunkie

Health Enthusiast and Mother

“One of the easiest ways for me to stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that my fridge is nicely organized and filled with all my favorite healthy foods, drinks, and beauty products...at all times. That way, when any hunger urge strikes, I open a pretty fridge and grab something healthy! At any given time, you can find Health-Ade Kombucha (because gut health is #1 in my book and this brand is my fave hands down), Pop & Bottle almond milks, Coconut Cult coconut yogurt, Organic Girl greens, Bonafide Provisions bone broth, some Hu Kitchen chocolate, and clean beauty products that don't necessarily need to be refrigerated, but feel super refreshing on the skin when cool! My fridge is also packed with tons of fruits and veggies, that I use for meal prep on Sundays to enjoy throughout the week.”


@kalejunkie: Health Enthusiast and Mother

FRIDGE #4: @weelicious

Chef, Mom and Creator of Weelicious & One Potato

“When you're feeding 5 people three meals a day plus snacks you have to keep your fridge stocked with plenty of variety! We're all about a myriad of foods that pack a nutrient dense punch, so we always have yogurt, cheese, tons of fruits and vegetables like avocados and berries and more. The one thing that saves me week to week is One Potato. We get 3 family friendly semi-prepared, organic meals… we all love making dinner time super easy!”


@weelicious: Chef, Mom and Creator of Weelicious & One Potato

FRIDGE #5: @acouplecooks

New Parents and Real Food Advocates

Having a few go-tos on hand in our refrigerator and pantry is essential for quick and simple meals! A few things that are always in our fridge:

  • Tortillas, for quick and easy tacos and quesadillas
  • Tahini, for whipping up quick dairy-free sauces
  • Almond milk, for muesli cravings
  • Maple syrup, to sweeten just about anything
  • A cooked grain (quinoa is shown here),  which s perfect for quick meals
  • Eggs, a simple and quick protein source for breakfast, lunch or dinner”


@acouplecooks: New Parents and Real Food Advocates


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