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  One of the most common questions I’m getting these days at the Farmers’ Markets is: What can I do with these glass bottles once I’m finished with them? There aren’t just 3 R’s anymore (recycling, re-use, and reduce), there’s a fourth, RE-THINK!  People across our great city of Los Angeles and beyond are stepping up to the plate and rethinking what they purchase and consume, influenced now at least in part by the product’s packaging.  You can see many companies responding to this movement as soon as you walk into the grocery store—-cereals packaged in re-used bags instead of boxes, T-shirts made out of corn husks, and more glass than ever before.  Glass is much better for the environment both in processing and in waste, and is also beautiful!  It truly feels like a waste to throw glass away, especially with how useful these containers can be…


  As you know, Health-Ade is sold in an amber colored glass bottle, made right here in the USA.  We’re quite proud that we don’t use any plastic in our fermentation, production, or distribution, but also feel it to be quite a waste knowing these might end up in someone’s trash bin (GASP)!!!  Unfortunately, new health codes do not permit us to re-use these bottles, although we’d love to be able to.  So, these days we have to get creative!  Here are the top 5 ways our customers re-use their Health-Ade (and other glass beverage) bottles:

#1:  OLIVE OIL CONTAINER: Spend less $$, maximize flavor, and save time

  • Have you ever seen those large aluminum vats of olive oil they sell at grocery stores, pondered the great price, but then held back from purchasing because ‘how on Earth am I going to manage that kind of a vessel?’  If so, try using your Health-Ade bottle!  Those (pesky) oil vats are anywhere from 10-60% cheaper per mL of olive oil than the easy-to-use glass vessels, so if you invest in the jug, you save money. Just pour 480 mL into your clean Health-Ade bottle and refill as needed—easy to use and pretty to look at on your countertops.  Also, did you know olive oil is sensitive to light and heat? Storing it in a thick amber colored bottle like ours will keep the flavor fresh so your cooking tastes so, too.  Finally, less trips to the store to buy more olive oil saves you time!  You already paid for the bottle, why not give it a try?


#2: MAKE YOUR OWN CLEANING PRODUCTS: a cleaner way to clean

  • It doesn’t take a smarty-pants to realize that these chemicals we’re using to clean are probably not good for our health, especially when an adult can get dizzy or nauseous just from smelling them (imagine your poor pooch or baby!!!!).  Spraying the air for freshness with a product made with 43 chemicals is probably not a good thing to inhale, eh?  So, let’s clean up our act.  You can easily make your own cleaning products that will keep the smells fresh and keep your house spotless, not to mention your family and body safe.  Mix ingredients into your Health-Ade amber bottle, shake, label, tighten, and VOILA: Made from home cleaning products that are cheaper, effective, and better for you.  Wrap the bottle up for a creative and cute hostess gift! Here are a few recipes you might want to try at home:

#3: A NEW PLACE FOR FLOWERS: color your home with cool vases

  • Let’s face it, the rustic look is in right now.  High end furniture companies are selling brown colored medicine bottles as vases and accent pieces for $50 per piece or more!!!  Follow the trend without breaking your wallet by putting a stem or two into your Health-Ade bottle. Line a few up on a window sill and you’ll hear the compliments come in.  Easy, cheap, pretty. Feeling extra creative? Spray paint your bottles for a cool look.image

#4:  GIVE TO THE HOMELESS: find a glass recycling center near you

  • Did you know LA is saturated with plenty of glass recycling plants that give cash for glass? When you have 10 minutes, swing by one of these places on your way to work and drop your empty case off.  There are plenty of homeless and less fortunate people waiting in line to exchange their plastic and glass for money—what a nice surprise to get an extra case from a stranger?  And, as long as it’s rinsed, the glass is 100% recyclable.  It’s just a small way to do good.  Go to to find the closest site to you.

#5: ADULT BEVERAGES:  bring the cocktail scene to your Summer picnic

  • Spring is almost in the air, and we all know that means more play-time outdoors!  Los Angeles especially takes the outdoor social scene seriously, with outdoor cinemas, beach concerts, and garden picnics with live jazz happening every night of the week.  I’m surprised every time I go to these events—people go all out with what they bring. Not just sandwiches or chips, we’re talking gourmet lasagna’s, kept warm in a hot/cold bag, beautiful fresh salads, and COCKTAILS! Yup, I had a jalepeno and cucumber margarita last week on the beach and it was PHENOMENAL (and 1/3 of the price since I made it myself). No one wants to do any mixing at the beach, though, so why not make a batch at home, pour into your stylish Health-Ade bottles, cap, and bring to your next picnic? Everyone will be lining up to get a taste of your fancy treat. Here’s a recipe of my favorite beach margarita.
No matter what you do with your glass, please take the time to not throw it in the garbage. At the very least, recycle!  


Daina Slekys, MS, MPH is a Nutritionist and co-founder of Health-Ade kombucha, in Los Angeles, CA.  Email Daina your health questions and she’ll be happy to help!

Daina Slekys Health-Ade


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Health-Ade teamed up with acupuncturist and herbologist, Brigita Slekys, to create special Chinese herb-infused elixirs exclusively for Kreation Juicery.  These drinks combine Health-Ade kombucha and custom-built Chinese herbal tinctures to highlight different benefits inherent to kombucha.

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