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WATCH YOUR MOUTH! getting to know your labels.

I was walking through my favorite local grocery store in LA today when I saw America’s favorite brunette wearing Gucci’s newest tee, made of white organic cotton and stamped with a beautiful, shiny, and red apple.  At that moment I was struck at the realities of today: 1) fashion has finally progressed (far) past the rhinestone skull phase (thank the sweet universe); and, 2) healthy living has become more then a style…it’s now a movement.  If you live in a city like I do, where cigarettes and chips have been traded in for yoga mats and kombucha, it’s practically impossible not to take part.  Because I sorta like this trend (I’m writing a food/nutrition blog for pete’s sake), and because I think people are TRYING to purchase things that will improve their health, I want to do my part to ensure this fad doesn’t fade as quickly as the parachute pant.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH!–your freedom of choice is up for grabs

WHAT ARE GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS? Simply put, the genetic modification of food is the process in which a food’s DNA is specifically and deliberately altered. Often called “recombinant DNA technology” or “genetic engineering,” genetic modification allows for a selected set of genes from one organism to be transferred to another, usually to a completely different species.… Read more!


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I know this blog is supposed to be about nutrition (hence the blog title “watch your mouth.”) But, I just can’t help myself—I saw way too many examples of good-hearted Americans literally wasting their time this week, and I have to make a comment on a habit that may be impacting people’s health without them even knowing.… Read more!