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WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Follow Your Gut.

  A good friend opened a conversation with me the other day: “Don’t bother taking Vitamin C when you start feeling sick because a recent study proves it has no effect.”  This is the kind of suggestion that literally floods my inbox.  Comments like “there is no proof that acupuncture works” and headlines that read “Kombucha—just another sugar water?” are a part of my daily life as a nutritionist, and I’m sure for you as well if you condone anything holistic.  The major problem with all these statements is that they’re often wrong.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Buying designer foods…

**photo sourced from confessions of a food stylist _________________________ Just like anyone else with a sense for budgeting, I like to get a great deal on most things. That’s why I found myself on Melrose last week to get the best “knock-off” pair of jeans I could get!… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Eat Fish Like Your Mama Told You…

It certainly isn’t the newest fad to make sure you’re eating your daily dose of fish. I think most people understand they should eat it, but other “noisy” subjects have really overshadowed its importance lately, like the latest celeb being in rehab again.… Read more!