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Gynostemma a day to keep the Dr away?

On my day off this weekend, I wondered along the beautiful streets of Santa Monica to window shop, taste a few local treats, and bask a bit in the 80 degree dry sun (you jealous?)  I stepped into one of my favorite stores called Thunderbolt Spiritual Books ( (512 Santa Monica Blvd), where they offered me a free cup of delicious tea.  “It’s a tea made with gynostemma that will change your life,” said the store owner.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! kombucha and cancer.

It’s not just “someone you know” that has been diagnosed with cancer anymore.  Unfortunately, today it’s more likely that everyone you know has an immediate connection.  Pharmaceuticals, radiation, and chemo have shown some promise, and recent literature is starting to highlight the benefit of alternative treatments.  In many cases, cutting edge cancer protocols are including acupuncture, herbs/supplements, diet, exercise, and psychological support to their repertoires.  Though not all oncologists or care-takers agree on what works, they mostly agree that if it makes a cancer patient feel better, and it’s not making them sicker, then why not?… Read more!