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WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Papa Gene’s Farm

Gene is the farmer of your dreams’ imagination.  A family man, he started Etheridge Organics Farms in gorgeous central Cali back in 1969 when he got word that his wife was expecting.  “I never planned on being a farmer,” Gene said.  “We just always cared about where food came from and wanted to raise our own kids and raise our own food.”  This value they shared made it easy for Gene to start farming on evenings and weekends, while playing the work-week role as a high school principle.  “I guess I was ahead of my time,” he said.  Even in 1970 he was able to spot the upcoming trend that would hijack our American food system over the next four decades: low price trumps quality.… Read more!


I became very interested in the differences in salt when my dear friend Amelia gave me an assortment of sea salts for my birthday (check out her informative nutrition blog.) Of course, the look of the salts immediately attracts me: Stunning pink Himalayan, black volcanic, and grey fleur de sel sea salt crystals make my plate of roasted vegetables look a little more gorgeous.  Their taste compared to the table variety is undoubtedly different, too—a little less salty, more complex and flavorful, and extremely well-rounded—enough that you could actually crunch on a virgin flake for an enjoyable zing, something you would never want to do with table salt (unless you’re totally desperate after bad tequila.)  Needless to say, it only took one interlude with the gourmet sea-salts to get me hooked.  I cook with it, I garnish with it—heck, after a day of skiing I could see myself sneaking away to bathe with it!  Noting the upgrade I experienced in my food-making, I am quite intrigued by what other benefits this beautiful rock might have and how different it actually is from table salt.  A little on what I dug-up: WHAT IS SALT?… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! life is hard

I write this blog at the end of possibly the hardest week I’ve ever had to endure as a business owner so far, and I’m compelled to write today not about food (although this may be related to the fact that I am also in the middle of a 3 week juice cleanse and don’t really want to think about food right now).… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Milk: a body good?

(photo source: honest cooking) I’d like to first share that originally this blog post was going to be about ice cream, America’s favorite dessert.  It was going to reveal some (chilling) truths about ice cream sold in stores today, including that many brands now can’t even call it ice cream  (frozen dairy dessert is one name that is now often used instead because it contains nothing standard in “ice cream.”)  I also was going to mention that an ingredient commonly used for flavoring vanilla iced desserts is called castoreum (basically, dried beaver anal glands) and will likely show up on the ingredient list as “natural flavoring.”  All of this I was going to share, including options we can choose that don’t fall short of the real deal, until in my research I started to find out what was really in milk of today.… Read more!