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WATCH YOUR MOUTH! getting to know your labels.

I was walking through my favorite local grocery store in LA today when I saw America’s favorite brunette wearing Gucci’s newest tee, made of white organic cotton and stamped with a beautiful, shiny, and red apple.  At that moment I was struck at the realities of today: 1) fashion has finally progressed (far) past the rhinestone skull phase (thank the sweet universe); and, 2) healthy living has become more then a style…it’s now a movement.  If you live in a city like I do, where cigarettes and chips have been traded in for yoga mats and kombucha, it’s practically impossible not to take part.  Because I sorta like this trend (I’m writing a food/nutrition blog for pete’s sake), and because I think people are TRYING to purchase things that will improve their health, I want to do my part to ensure this fad doesn’t fade as quickly as the parachute pant.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! thoughts on juicing and cleansing

From NYC to LA, it seems that juice and “detox” bars are taking over. As someone who loves to have a fresh organic green juice as a snack or indulges in a cleanse from time to time, I’m quite pleased about this.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Follow Your Gut.

  A good friend opened a conversation with me the other day: “Don’t bother taking Vitamin C when you start feeling sick because a recent study proves it has no effect.”  This is the kind of suggestion that literally floods my inbox.  Comments like “there is no proof that acupuncture works” and headlines that read “Kombucha—just another sugar water?” are a part of my daily life as a nutritionist, and I’m sure for you as well if you condone anything holistic.  The major problem with all these statements is that they’re often wrong.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! 10 facts about organic farming (and eating.)

I was walking around and chomping on a “pink lady” in LA today, looking for a bigger space to make our kombucha and for a little blog-inspiration (sorry I haven’t been here in a while I was off getting hitched!), when a man somewhere in his 40’s started a conversation with me.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! Don’t skip breakfast…

We live in a world of go-go-go, to-go, and gotta-go. We have to-do lists for our Saturdays, we work on a Sunday, and we’d often rather communicate via text because it’s just so much quicker to get to the point. We, my friends of 2012, are living as athletes on the fast track.  If your to-do is anything like mine, it often forgets to allow for time to eat!… Read more!