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WATCH YOUR MOUTH! there is a yeast among us

…that’s what my Doctor told me when I last saw her for a small rash that intensely itched on my thigh. She diagnosed it as “Candida,” said that there are trillions of unfriendly and friendly yeasts all over us, and prescribed a topical anti-fungal cream with steroids.  “Do you do a lot of yoga?” she asked.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! kombucha and cancer.

It’s not just “someone you know” that has been diagnosed with cancer anymore.  Unfortunately, today it’s more likely that everyone you know has an immediate connection.  Pharmaceuticals, radiation, and chemo have shown some promise, and recent literature is starting to highlight the benefit of alternative treatments.  In many cases, cutting edge cancer protocols are including acupuncture, herbs/supplements, diet, exercise, and psychological support to their repertoires.  Though not all oncologists or care-takers agree on what works, they mostly agree that if it makes a cancer patient feel better, and it’s not making them sicker, then why not?… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! the raw coconut

It was the third day of our honeymoon vacation in Port Douglas, Australia when we took a long bike-ride along a gorgeous stretch of beach with no clouds in sight.  It was so darn hot and humid, 110 degrees to be exact, I wanted to strip down and sprint (not run) into the tempting cool waters.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! rethink your bottle

  One of the most common questions I’m getting these days at the Farmers’ Markets is: What can I do with these glass bottles once I’m finished with them? There aren’t just 3 R’s anymore (recycling, re-use, and reduce), there’s a fourth, RE-THINK!  People across our great city of Los Angeles and beyond are stepping up to the plate and rethinking what they purchase and consume, influenced now at least in part by the product’s packaging.  You can see many companies responding to this movement as soon as you walk into the grocery store—-cereals packaged in re-used bags instead of boxes, T-shirts made out of corn husks, and more glass than ever before.  Glass is much better for the environment both in processing and in waste, and is also beautiful!  It truly feels like a waste to throw glass away, especially with how useful these containers can be…   As you know, Health-Ade is sold in an amber colored glass bottle, made right here in the USA.  We’re quite proud that we don’t use any plastic in our fermentation, production, or distribution, but also feel it to be quite a waste knowing these might end up in someone’s trash bin (GASP)!!!  Unfortunately, new health codes do not permit us to re-use these bottles, although we’d love to be able to.  So, these days we have to get creative!  Here are the top 5 ways our customers re-use their Health-Ade (and other glass beverage) bottles: #1:  OLIVE OIL CONTAINER: Spend less $$, maximize flavor, and save time Have you ever seen those large aluminum vats of olive oil they sell at grocery stores, pondered the great price, but then held back from purchasing because ‘how on Earth am I going to manage that kind of a vessel?’  If so, try using your Health-Ade bottle!  Those (pesky) oil vats are anywhere from 10-60% cheaper per mL of olive oil than the easy-to-use glass vessels, so if you invest in the jug, you save money.… Read more!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! It is (in part) your fault.

You only have to watch the TV for a few minutes to know what time of year it is—Resolution time, baby!  Indeed, the TV is working over-time telling us to start up that good ol’ annual pledge.  I even saw a commercial promoting a product that helps you lose weight, quit smoking, AND meet the love of your life all in 6 weeks, guaranteed!  (Yes, I was watching an infomercial at 2am.)  Unfortunately, no matter how much promise is behind the promise, statistics say we generally aren’t good about keeping them.… Read more!