About the Company

Health-Ade was formed by 3 very close friends, all looking to bring a BETTER kombucha to the Southern California market. Founded in Los Angeles, Health-Ade is made the "old-fashioned" way--as nature intended--dedicated to offering the highest quality and best tasting kombucha one can buy. They do this by committing to things like: pulling out all the stops to ensure the culture is healthy and strong, using only local and seasonal farmers' market fruit for flavor, and keeping harmful plastic and UVs away from the entire fermentation and bottling process. Made 100% in Los Angeles, Health-Ade also works hard to support the local community, as demonstrated by their efforts in growing Farmers' Markets, their collaboration with regional non-profits such as Home-Boy Industries, and their drive to increase understanding and importance of health and wellness.

Daina Slekys Trout, MS, MPH


Daina Slekys Trout is co-founder and CEO of Health-Ade. Daina has been making (and drinking) kombucha long before starting this business, and her recipe has been the foundation behind Health-Ade’s brew. With a background in nutrition and strong love for good food, Daina has always been seriously dedicated to making sure Health-Ade uses the best ingredients and most natural processes. As CEO, Daina’s charged with leading the growing Health-Ade family to the 3 founders’ vision—to make the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy. She thinks the keys to Health-Ade’s success will be 1) never compromising quality, no matter how easy it seems and 2) hiring A-players that work smarter than most and have fun. Prior to starting Health-Ade, Daina worked in nutrition, sales, and change management. She received her BS from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and two masters degrees (in Nutritional Biochem and Public Health) from Tufts University in Boston. When not giving her heart and soul to Health-Ade, she is hanging with her friends and family (that includes her husband, co-founder Justin Trout and best friend, co-founder Vanessa Dew), drastically changing her hair-do, or practicing yoga! Favorite Health-Ade Flavor: Pomegranate. Or maybe it's Pink Lady Apple.

Vanessa Dew, MBA


Vanessa is the consummate Los Angeleno and an incredible resource for the sales team. After studying biochemistry at UCSD, Vanessa also moved on to a Sales Representative position in the medical sales industry. Recently finished her MBA at the Marshall School of Business at USC, Vanessa has all the training and experience necessary to lead sales. Vanessa’s favorite movie is The Little Mermaid, her favorite tree is a Cherry Blossom, and she'd love to live in the South of France.

Justin Trout

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Justin is the definitive entrepreneur of the group. After leaving home in Southern New Jersey, Justin studied Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Justin took a role as Director of International Sales at a cosmetic manufacturer lead by an über-successful entrepreneur. Justin takes his continuing education very seriously and regularly reads, attends lectures, and takes courses on finance, business, government, and history. Appropriately, his multi-faceted role at Health-Ade is to lead operations. Justin’s favorite movie is Back to the Future, his favorite tree is the dogwood, and his alternate continent is Europe (Italy, specifically).